Family Dentist

Serving Newark OH Families

McMillen Dental is unique in Newark because we offer dental treatment for adults and children to be completed under sedation if needed. Dr. Phillips, who is a registered Anesthesiologist, allows our adults and adolescents to be treated locally where otherwise they would have to go to Columbus. Our Team members are carefully selected for their ability to work with all ages.

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In the large Children's Room, you  immediately  see the electric train  mounted around the room  with  hand-painted  landscapes  and other scenery for the child's enjoyment.  In addition,  the  shelves are stacked with  books  and stuffed  animals. McMillen Dental does everything possible to make the child feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting.



Toy Chest

And, when the child leaves, the Treasure Tower awaits!!! 


Some Important Facts:

  • Primary teeth (Baby Teeth) should be evaluated because they are the beginning to a lifetime of good oral health. 
  • The ideal age for a child's first visit is 18 mos. to 2 yrs.of age.
  • Cavities in Baby Teeth can progress quickly.  Some of the causes are sugars, sweetened pacifiers, and over-use of a "sippy cup."
  • Limit the foods that appear to be healthy for children like  granola bars, fruit juices, some cereals, and raisins.  These foods will stick to the teeth and may cause cavities over time.
  • Using a baby bottle to soothe a child will lead to the production of acid in the mouth.  Acid can slowly dissolve tooth enamel. 
  • Children who need medications due to health issues, should be checked more frequently because many of the medications can slow the production of saliva in the mouth.
  • Saliva and drooling are natural cavity-fighters.
  • Fluoride in water is an excellent way to fight tooth decay by helping in the formation of enamel.  This is achieved best when teeth are forming and when they are erupting.